General backups :

Three main part can be saved independently : the database, the project directory and the Php code. Practically, if the saving time (generally a few seconds) is not a bother, it's preferable to use the last option : the full backup "Global Archive: saves everything.". Note that passwords are not preserved to avoid having archived with too much sensitivity, even if the password would have been saved in a coded form. Of course this need to be taken into consideration in case of migration to a new sever with one of these backups (special options to temporarily have a general password can be used, another possibility is to save the coded password (defined in the "usersTbl") into a secured place to set them again (for example with phpMyAdmin) in case of need). Note that if we want to re-use the coded passwords on a new server, this server need to use the same integer length : 32 or 64 bits (the javascript part is adapted automatically).

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