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Ataox is a content management system (CMS) open source programmed mainly in Php/MySql and endowed with many functionalities to help Internet publication. A particular attention was on the creation of powerful tools, especially the file manager, available on standard installation connected to a site or fully independent. Note : the file manager and most tools can also run fully independently of any external database, because if chosen, the MySql database can be partly simulated in Php, decreasing greatly the installation time.

This content management system (CMS) is the last of a 3 CMS series programmed for about 12 years. In 2010 the version started to show some serious limits on the evolution flexibility. Consequently to pursue this interesting software adventure it was indispensable to create a new CMS, brushing off the previous inconveniences and adding tasty concepts we are very excited to test on the real scale! Otherwise we really think that going open source was our best option for durability and quality.

Definitions and important points :

Technical notes on Xpetal :.

The language Xpetal is used intensively with this CMS, in fact so intensively that the whole website you are reading now has been written for its first about 30 bilingual pages (1st version) entirely inside a single text file specified in Xpetal. However extreme this can appear, it has allowed an excellent test of the system, automatic inclusion of back-ups and the creation of whole sites simply defined by an installer Html form.

It appeared that when building a CMS and many other computer entities, having a specific language to define it can help tremendously because it allows to synthesize complex actions into a small words! This is especially true with a CMS because we need to take into account different level of language depending on the user rights!

FAQ about Xpetal :

Logo explanations : the word Tao emerged luckily from the acronym Ataox! So a Tao based logo to underline the research of balance on the programming and user side became obvious! The squared encapsulated "eyes" are there to recall that it's based on an encapsulating language using square brackets and that the whole process of parsing the language is recursive! The color red and white have been chosen for an optimum visibility and also because it looks a little bit like a rose emerging from the xPetal parsing.

Ataox a CMS adapted for Search Engine Optimization.