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To do some calculation with any sort of base on any length, because operation are done with strings and vectors, you can multiply 2 numbers of more than 100 digits and have an exact result! What is it useful for ? Some work was done in this field related to encryption issues, for example a 25 chars base allows to write meaningful sentences, and using a multiplication operation gives a "coded" result, the second multiplicative operand being the key! Of course this is not very efficient but it was part of a few other trials and a first step toward a small coder that is independent from hardware configuration, practically if you want to crypt something you generally need a stream of pseudo random numbers, obtaining a good stream of pseudo random numbers is quite difficult and was the target of many mathematics articles! A good solution is obtained with the Xorshift algorithm ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xorshift ) that is fast enough to have its bits manipulated within an array instead of a processor registry, and here we are, we become independent from the hardware, and a text coded now should be ok to decipher in 50 years on a very different hardware as long as we can still read the crypt.

Multi Base Calculator (only in English / seulement en anglais). Warning : in standard base 10 outsider characters are not checked and can start unpredicted length loops.
(Click XorShiftIn2D for a demo) A Xorshift algo. color-hit-frequency-displayed inside a 8x8 matrix after 200 calculated pairs of values.A few more steps using the (<<< Next) button.Even more steps using the (<<< Next) buttonMulti Base Any Length Calculator ++Not a xorshift, in fact bad pseudo random alorithm often/always(?) generate strong graphical biais (obtained with a twisted modulo loop)Not a xorshift, see previous explanation.Not a xorshift, see previous explanation.
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